Office Machinery News and Articles of Interest

  • MBM Stack Paper Cutters

    MBM TRIUMPH 6660

    The powerful MBM TRIUMPH 6660 stack paper cutters are programmable with automatic clamp, power back gauge, digital touch pad, and IR safety light beams on front table. MBM electric paper cutters are second to none in the industry. All-metal construction. Includes stand with storage shelf, easy-access tool holder, and paper blocking tool.
  • Dahle Paper Shredders

    Dahle Paper Shredders

    Dahle Small Department Shredders are German Engineered using the latest technology and finest materials. Teams of employees will benefit from the shredder's powerful motor and large storage capacity. Usually kept in centralized locations, these shredders make a nice addition to any large office. Powered from a continuous duty motor, a steel chain and gears are used to provide slip free power to the cutting cylinders.
  • Accubanker AB4000 Counter

    Accubanker AB4000

    At the heart of every AccuBANKER product is an industrial strength motor. Don't be fooled by the Other Guys who claim their inexpensive motors last years when in reality they wear out after a few months. Their motors are built to last far beyond Accubanker 3 year warranty period.
  • Tuck Pointing Gun

    Cassida Counterfeit Detectors

    Cassida currency counters with detection capability check only for UV and MG security marks. The Cassida 3300 verifies traditional magnetic marks, but additionally checks for infrared security mark sand the most advanced security feature of US bills, and have not knowingly been counterfeited.