Padding Press Padder Paper Clamp

The concept of the padding press is that when the stack is clamped tight and padding compound or pad glue is applied then with a brush. Once the padding glue has dried, the clamp pressure is then released. After the glue has cured and your gummed pads are cut apart using a pad knife or stack cutter. Paper padding presses have been around a while and are a period tried technique for padding paper. Heaps of paper are put in an are clipped into spot.
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While in the padding machine, fluid paste is connected to the back of the paper by utilization of a brush. Once the paste has dried, the clip is slackened and the padding paper can be cut into littler piles of paper. These stack of paper are awesome for note taking and are generally utilized by schools, colleges, holy places and different associations. The majority of our padding hardware is super simple to utilize. Simply stack the paper, clip it into spot, apply the padding paste with a padding brush and when the paste has dried evacuate your new cushions and cut them down to measure.
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