Coin Counter Sorter Wrapper Machines

The phrase coin counter refers to a machine which both sorts and counts coins at the same time, or only counts pre-sorted coins that are all the same size. A coin counting machine is a machine that counts money, either stacks of banknotes or just loose collections of coins. Coin Counters may be completely mechanical or use electronic components. The machines consistently provide a total count of all money, or count off precise batch sizes for wrapping and storage.
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Coin counters come in multiple functionalities, but the best ones serve both roles sorting and counting. More progressive coin machines use the weight of coins to determine specific denominations, and can quickly calculate the total amount. A typical coin counter of pre-sorted coins uses a bowl with flat spinning disc at the bottom to administer coins around the bowl perimeter. An opening in the edge of the bowl is only wide enough to accept one coin at a time. Coins either pass through a light beam counter, or are pushed through a spring-loaded cam that only accepts one coin at a time. When the coins pass through their properly sized hole, they go past a light beam counter, so each time the light is interrupted, the receptor knows that a coin has just passed. Some high quality currency coin counting machines include both banknote and coin counting abilities.
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