Paper Burster Separator Puller Bursting

A paper burster is a machine that separates (or bursts) one-part continuous form paper into separate, individual sheets of paper along the perforation tabs on the sides. An electric paper burster is normally used with printed continuous form paper jobs like mass mailings, invoices, advertisements, and account statements needing to be separated. The job of bursting is done by holding tightly on the second-to-last paper sheet while the pull feed rollers hold the last sheet tightly and pull it away to burst at the perforation location.
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The complete form paper then goes forward into the same rubber feed rollers to burst the next sheet coming up. Paper bursting is usually a high-speed job that allows the perforated form paper to feed in at a fast and continuous rate, with burst paper pages stacked at the end of the paper processing stage. Bursting machines and form paper manufactures had to create perforation specs so that the paper perforations always separated with the force of pulling the pages apart and not tear down into the printed part of the document.
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