Letter Openers Electric Envelope Mail Cutters

A paper knife or mail letter opener is a knife-like tool used to open business envelopes or to uncut pages of books. An electric letter opener is also available, which uses motors to pull the envelopes across a spinning blade, and is also able to handle large amounts of office envelopes, but the blade can cut into the contents of the sealed envelope. Electric letter openers can be built from wood or metals such as steel, plastic, or a combination of metal materials.
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Some letter openers have a retractable steel blade inside a plastic holder. Letter opener machines are an important part of any office, and they make business work so much smoother and faster. All automatic electric letter openers are intended for easy use and precise cutting of envelopes. They're perfect for opening envelopes without hurting the important data contained on them or the contents within. A quality electric letter opener machine can get through that stack of letters no time flat or help you get into padded envelopes fast.
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