Pressure Sealer Folder Check Mailers Closing

Pressure seal machinery has been the solution of choice for many companies, schools and small businesses for years. Pressure sealer mailers are the perfect solution for any mail document that can be printed on one single piece of paper. One-piece mailers simply eliminate the need for envelopes. They provide a much faster, cost friendly solution than paper inserting machines or folding and stuffing each one by hand.
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Pressure seal mailers have thin bands of pressure sensitive glue, which creates a complete and secure seal when sent through pressure sealing machines. The forms can be printed on a laser or impact printer and then put into the pressure sealer to be folded and sealed. This gives you a mail-ready document, which provides a great look in a fast, cost-effective manner. Use Pressure Sealers to easily mail invoices, notices, payroll checks, bills and PIN mailers!
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