Paper Shredder Disintegrator Industrial

Disintegrator shredders are designed for small to high volume destruction applications offering an efficient method of destroying a many types of media. Shredder disintegrators will easily destroy Paper, CD's, ID Cards, Floppy Discs, Microfiche and some can even do hard drives. An industrial disintegrator shredder is a shredder which is used for high security volume shredding. It is basically a rotary knife mill which offers you with proven safe technology that is utilized in a design that consists of 3-5 cutter knives which are installed on a solid steel rotor.
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These machines easily disintegrate and shred papers and media equipment. The shredder waste is constantly cut into smaller and smaller pieces that easily move through the waste sizing screen. All of our disintegrators are industrial volume grade and known for their efficiency.
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