Time Date Stamps Punch Electric Stamp

A time date stamp is the current time of an event that is recorded by a computer, providing the date and time of day, sometimes down to a small fraction of a second. The timestamp has multiple synchronization purposes, such as providing a time that is printed to a file or other location to help keep track of when data is added, removed, sent, and received. Time stamps are also helpful with assigning a sequence order for a multi-event transaction so that if a failure should occur the transaction can be voided.
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Another way that a timestamp is used is to record time in relation to a particular starting point. Timestamps are typically used for logging events in which case each event in the log is marked with a time date stamp. In file systems, timestamp may mean the stored date and time of origination or adjustment of a file. Time stamps are useful in situations when the date plays a specific role in the certification and authentication process of multiple documents, agreements or certificates. The Time Stamp is used especially in agreements and settlements with business partners, clients and public institutions. Documents that are Time Stamped are secured against fraudulence or backdating.
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